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InVu Bracket

Invu and Machined

InVu brackets debond
quickly and easily by
squeezing the base with
ligature cutters. The
flexible polymer mesh
base will easily release
from the tooth, while
retaining most of the
adhesive. This minimizes
clean up and protects the
enamel from damage.

When compared to both
stainless steel and com-
petitors’ ceramic brackets,
InVu brackets offer
optimum bond strength.


Quick, Clean Debonding.

When it comes to bonding and debonding, nothing performs like InVu. That’s because InVu brackets feature an exclusive molded polymer mesh base that protects teeth by preventing direct contact between the ceramic and tooth enamel. The base is designed using symmetric replication technology, creating a mesh surface that will flex during debonding while retaining most of the adhesive. Many other ceramic brackets must be fractured in order to debond. And unlike other ceramic brackets, InVu requires no special tools.

For even greater convenience and ease of use, InVu brackets are available with our Readi-Base Pre-Applied Adhesive. Patient kits come already oriented for fast, easy application. The adhesive cures rapidly when exposed to blue light and has excellent bond strength.

Release Point Comparison

Release Point Comparison