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Readi-Base Pre-Applied Adhesive.

The patented InVu ceramic bracket from TP Orthodontics, Inc. is now even easier to use with the addition of Readi-Base®. Placing InVu brackets is simple with Readi-Base — just prep, place, and cure!

Readi-Base improves efficiency and provides a uniform application of adhesive. The entire process of placing brackets is simplified, reducing overall chair time and increasing productivity. Staff education and training is minimized.

InVu ceramic brackets are already known for their strength, beauty, and functionality. The exclusive injection molding manufacturing process results in an orthodontic bracket that is more reliable than a machined bracket. In fact, research shows that InVu has the highest tie wing strength of any true-twin polycrystalline ceramic bracket available today.

The patented mesh polymer base makes debonding simple — without the use of special tools or the risk of bracket fractures. In addition, InVu brackets have a natural look that blends with your patients' teeth. Doctors confirm that InVu does not stain or discolor during treatment time.

InVu brackets come in two convenient packaging options: individual brackets and full patient kits.

InVu is available in several varying prescriptions to suit any orthodontist’s treatment needs, including Roth and MBT.*